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JUICE is a cool hunting consultancy specialised in
immersive experiences in design, innovation, creativity, fashion, art, technology and lifestyle.

We live in a world of mixed culture with different people and values, but who also share the same interests and build lots of connections.
We explore society as it is: that new food concept
place in Shoreditch, the caos in politics, the He for She
movement, the latest Kardashians TV show or that internet meme that everybody is sharing. We watch and talk about all these phenomena with no guilty.

All these things are part of trends - they are not
art or fiction, they are work tools for you, me and everybody else understand our society, grow and,
of course, make money! ​

If you feel unsure if any of this sits well within you or your business, remember that a couple of decades ago, someone sitting in a garage once said that in the future everybody will communicate in real time using text message. What a crazy idea, huh?!  To think from then to now - a time where we can seamlessly conduct business using our smartphones...

welcome to juice!
Fernanda Crestani vargas
Cool Hunter | Experience Curator
Marketing and Food Lover
Based in London - UK

With a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising (UFRGS University, (Brazil), a MBA Degree in Customer Service Marketing (ESPM, Brazil), and a Cool Hunter Course at Central Saint Martins - UAL.

I have over 14 years experience working with advertising and marketing, finance, hospitality, events, cool hunting and immersive experiences in several different corporate business in Brazil, Italy and UK. 

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